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Use this simple guide to find the most popular online sports eyewear stores for sunglasses and goggles. Sports sunglasses for any sport — skiing, snowboarding, fishing, boating, golfing, biking, running — and all of the manufacturers from Oakley to Bolle are represented here. We don't sell them, but we can tell you who does.

Oakley SunglassesName a company that makes sports sunglasses. What name comes to mind first? You may have said Oakley. What is our favorite Oakley shop? Right now we would say United Shades.

Smith GogglesSmith Goggles and sunglasses have been kinda popular for a long time (I've got some). They must be doing something right. The outdoors site Altrec usually stocks a good supply of Smith at decent prices. Plus they have free shipping on most orders over $50.

Maui Jim SunglassesMaui Jim has one of the most popular recreational sunglass lines today. Sites like REI carry a good supply of them.


Frames Direct for Sunglasses
Looking for prescription sunglasses? Try
Regular glasses can be cool, but they can get in the way when you need goggles or serious sun-blocking sunglasses. With prescription sunglasses being so inexpensive these days, why not have both?

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Sports Eyewear

What's Hot now:

REI Gear Sale
REI has eyewear for any season or sport.

Click to see all the top online stores.

What we Like:
Visiting a quality site like REI and getting everything you need in one visit.

What we hate:
Noticing that the fine print is a little bit fuzzy these days.

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